Pełna lista publikacji

"Non-statistical isotope fractionation as a novel "retro-biosynthetic" approach to understanding alkaloid metabolic pathways" Richard J. Robins, Katarzyna M. Romek, Gerald S. Remaud, Piotr Paneth Phytochemistry Letters in 20, 499-506 (2017)
"Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur concentration and 13C, 15N values in Hypogymnia physodes within the montane area - preliminary data" Monika Ciężka, Maria Kossowska, Piotr Paneth, Maciej Górka Geosci. Rec. 3, 24-32 (2016)
Hepatoblastoma Biology Using Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry: Utility of a Unique Technique for the Analysis of Oncological Specimens“ Katarzyna Taran, Tomasz Frączek, Łukasz Antoszczyk, Anna Sitkiewicz, Piotr Paneth, Józef Kobos Postepy Hig. Med. Dosw. 70, 797-802 (2016)
"Non-statistical 13C Franctionation Distinguishes Coincident and Divergent Steps in the Biosynthesis of the Alkanoids Nicotine and Tropine" Katarzyna M. Romek, Gérald S. Remaud, Virginie Silvestre, Piotr Paneth, Richard J. Robins J. Biol. Chem. 291, 16620-9 (2016)
DFT studies of SN2 dechlorination of polychlorinated biphenyls” Krzemińska, Agnieszka; Paneth, Piotr Env. Sci. Technol. 50, 6293–6298 (2016)
"Substrate and Enzyme Specificity of the Kinetic Isotope Effects Associated with the Dioxygenation of Nitroaromatic Contaminants" Pati, Sarah; Kohler, Hans-Peter; Pabis, Anna; Paneth, Piotr; Parales, Rebecca; Hofstetter, Thomas, Env. Sci. Technol. 50, 6708–6716 (2016)
“Distinguishing sites of OH radical attack (ring vs. side chain) in oxidation of substituted benzenes via dual stable isotope analysis (δ13C and δ2H)” Ning Zhang, Inacrist Geronimo, Piotr Paneth, Janine Schindelka, Thomas Schaefer, Hartmut Herrmann, Carsten Vogt, Hans H. Richnow, Sci. Total Environ. 542A, 484-494 (2016)
“Theoretical studies of energetics and binding isotope effects of binding a triazole-based inhibitor to HIV-1 reverse transcriptase” Agnieszka Krzemińska, Katarzyna Świderek, Piotr Paneth, PCCP 18, 310-317 (2016)
“Biological evaluation and molecular modelling study of thiosemicarbazide derivatives as bacterial type IIA topoisomerases inhibitors” Agata Paneth, Pawel Staczek, Tomasz Plech, Aleksandra Strzelczyk, Katarzyna Dzitko, Monika Wujec, Piotr Paneth, J. Enz. Inhib. Med. Chem. 31, 14-22 (2016)
"Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 4-benzoyl-1-dichlorobenzoylthiosemicarbazides as potent Gram-positive antibacterial agents" Paneth, Agata; Plech, Tomasz; Kaproń, Barbara; Hagel, Dominika; Kosikowska, Urszula; Kuśmierz, Edyta; Dzitko, Katarzyna; Paneth, Piotr J. Enz. Inhib. Med. Chem. 31, 434-440 (2016)
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