Isotopes 2017

Between 10 and 14 of July 10th European Isotope Conference on isotopes was held. Since the beginnings of these conferences are disappearing in the darkness of history, I recall below their history:

1999 The International Conference on Stable Isotopes and Isotope Effects, Carry Le Rouet, France (Étienne Roth)

2001 2001: an Isotope Oddysey, Zakopane, Poland (Piotr Paneth), the sheep bell, an equivalent of the whip of the GRCs, originated from this conference and is passed from chairperson to chairperson

2003 International Isotope Effects Conference, Uppsala, Sweden (Olle Matsson)

2005 Isotopes, Bath, U.K. (Ian Williams)

2007 Isotopes 2007, Benicassim, Spain (Vicent Moliner)

2009 Isotopes 2009, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Damian Axente)

2011 Isotopes 2011, Gréoux-Les-Bains, France (Richard Robins)

2013 Isotopes 2013, Sopot, Poland (Agnieszka Dybała-Defratyka)

2015 ISOTOPES 2015 – Isotope effects across disciplines, Jerusalem, Israel (Faina Gelman)

2017 Isotopes 2017 – The Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Stable Isotope Sciences, Ascona, Switzerland (Thomas Hofstetter)

2019 …., Gemany (Martin Elsner)

The series of these meetings is important since last year the board of the Gordon Research Conferences trust decided not to continue the series of conferences on isotopes initiated by Jacob Bigeleisen in 1945.

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