Curriculum vitae

Professor 1996; President of the Republic of Poland
D.Sc. (habilitation) 1989; Isotope effects on kinetically complex reactions; Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Łódź, Poland
Ph.D. 1984 (with honors); Oxygen and sulfur kinetic isotope effects on thermal isomerization of bis(5,5-dimethyl-1,3,2,-dioxaphosphorinanyl); advisor prof. dr. W Reimschüssel; Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Łódź, Poland
M.S. 1976 (with honors); Oxygen kinetic isotope effect on isomerization of monothiopyrophosphates; advisor prof. dr. W Reimschüssel; Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Łódź, Poland


  • “Model and Mechanism: Cobalamin-Mediated Reductive Dehalogenation of Chloroethylenes” Li Ji, Chenchen Wang, Shujing Ji, Kasper Planeta Kepp, Piotr Paneth ACS Catalysis 7, 5294-5307 (2017)
  • “Resolving discrepancy between theory and experiment in 4-nitrotoluene oxidation” Kamila Klajman, Grzegorz Ciepielewski, Rafał Kamiński, Pawel Adamczyk, Piotr Paneth J. Phys. Chem. A 121, 6638-6645 (2017)
  • “A search for dual action HIV-1 reverse transcriptase, bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitors” Agata Paneth, Tomasz Frączek, Agnieszka Grzegorczyk, Dominika Janowska, Anna Malm, Piotr Paneth Molecules 22, 1808 (2017)
  • “2-OMe-lysophosphatidylcholine analogues are GPR119 ligands and activate insulin secretion from βTC-3 pancreatic cells: evaluation of structure-dependent biological activity” Anna Drzazga, Agata Sowińska, Agnieszka Krzemińska, Andrzej Okruszek, Piotr Paneth, Maria Koziołkiewicz, Edyta Gendaszewska-Darmach Biochim. Biophis. Acta 1863, 91-103 (2017)
  • “Insights into the role of methionine synthase in the universal 13C depletion in O- and N-methyl groups of natural products” Katarzyna M. Romek, Agnieszka Krzemińska, Gerald S. Remaud, Maxime Julien, Piotr Paneth, Richard J. Robins Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 635, 60-65 (2017)
  • “Diaryl ethers with carboxymethoxyphenacyl motif as potent HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors with improved solubility” Tomasz Frączek, Rafał Kamiński, Agnieszka Krakowiak, Evelien Naessens, Bruno Verhasselt, Piotr Paneth J. Enz. Inhib. Med. Chem. 33, 9-16 (2017)


Program Isoeff allows to calculate values of isotope effects based on the Bigeleisen equation from quantum-chemical results. Currently results from the following packets are supported: Gaussian, Gamess, Charmm and Mopac. Isoeff can also be used for studies of the influence of small changes of individual elements of Hessian matrix on resulting value of isotope effect.

Current support

Current support / Institutional
  • “International Centre for Research on Innovative Biobased Materials” (ICRI-BioM), Teaming for Excellence, Horizon2020, local coordinator
Current support / Personal
  • “Binding isotope effects as a new, unique tool for studies of receptor – ligand interactions”, NCN 2011/02/A/ST4/00246 (2012-2017) (Maestro), PI
  • “Novel stable isotope-based approaches for assessing the biodegradation of soil and groundwater contaminants”, PSRP-025/2010 (2011-2016), PI
  • “Convention de cotutelle internationale de these, Agreement for international joint doctorate supervision (cotutelle)” for Katarzyna Romek – French goverment (2013-2017), scientific advisor
  • „Searching for improved bioactivity of azole-based metallo-drugs” MNiSW, China-Poland Scientific and Technological Cooperation, grant P# 36-34 (2015-2017), PI
  • „Collaboration internationale en Pays de Loire pour le développement et la valorisation du nouveau concept ‘Isotopomics’” (Plaisir), Region Pays de la Loire, France (2015-18), foreigh partner


International patents
  • “N-Triazynylammonium salts, a method of preparation and uses thereof” European submission EPO nr. 10195135.8-2101 from 07.03.2011 with priority PL/14.07.10/PLA 39183210, European patent awarded: 2407460B1 17.07.2013
Polish patents
  • „Sposób autentykacji kawy” Ewelina Kosiacka, Piotr Paneth, pending patent nr P.396939 of 10.11.2011, awarded: PAT.220057 16.12.2014
  • “Pochodne 1,2,4-triazolo-5-tionu oraz ich zastosowanie” Tomasz Frączek, Agata Siwek, Piotr Paneth pending patent P.401956 of 10.12.2012, published PAT.221213 on 23.6.2014
  • „Nowa pochodna 1,4-dipodstawionego tiosemikarbazydu, sposób jej wytwarzania oraz inhibicja bakteryjnej topoizomerazy IV” A. Siwek, P. Paneth, P. Stączek, J. Stefańska, pending patent nr P.390774 z dnia 20.03.2010, awarded: PAT.212639 19.04.2012
  • “Sposób przygotowania próbki chlorku srebra przeznaczonej do badania składu izotopowego chloru w spektrometrach mas z jonizacją FAB lub SIMS” R. Kamiński, P. Paneth, pending patent nr P.388338 z dnia 22.06.2009)  awarded: PAT.212330 02.04.2012

Courses based on research (RBL)

  • 2015: within molecular modeling course for PhD candidates studies of preferential binding of metal cations by centers embedded in polymers are carried out .
  • 2008: within computational chemistry laboratory for students of the 4th year the dependence of kinetic isotope effects on the mechanism of dehalogenation reaction has been studied. Results were published in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computations (IF2014 = 5.50) published by the Americal Chemical Society:"A DFT study of the kinetic isotope effects on the competing SN2 and E2 reactions between hypochlorite anion and ethyl chloride" A. Pabis, P. Paluch, J. Szala, P. Paneth, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 5, 33-36 (2009)